5 Simple Tips to Living Clutter FREE Forever!

The New Year is upon us, and perhaps one of the top New Year’s resolutions on your list may be to get tidy and keep it that way! Today I’ll be writing about some awesome tips and tricks on getting you guys & gals organized and completely sticking to it for years to come!

Now I’m starting off with 5 key tips on getting you stared:

Believe you and me, stress has to be one of MANY reasons why we keep ourselves from getting organized in the first place! How can we become organized when our stress levels are through the roof? Simply put, we have to take that first step to getting organized and reducing our stress levels significantly. Many of us believe that stress is a completely unavoidable part of life, but just taking the time to organize your life can lift a great weight off your shoulders! Taking a deep look and examining  your life and seeing where you might be able to make some adjustments is a great start to a blissfully organized life.

Simmering down to the number of bits and pieces you already have is half the battle. Allow yourself to ONLY keep the things that are presently functional, whether it was gifted to you on your birthday or how much they might have cost you. They don’t call a ruthless purge for nothing, and I in no way said it would be easy, but it certainly is worth it. You must ask yourself the following questions as you sort through your things:
·         Do we use it? Wear it? Or play with it? In regards to clothes Does it fit?
·         Is it in good quality condition?
·         Is this important to you, do you hold value to it?
·         Would someone else benefit from the item more?  

When purging it is key to remember to separate the items at hand into categories: Things you would keep, Things you would donate, Things you would surely throw away, and Things you would put away. Think of seasonal items; holidays, special occasions, keepsake etc. Remember this would be something you repeat until the purging process is over then you can move on unto another area.

We live in a culture where quantity tramples over quality and where the more excess exists the greater the waste potential. Not too long ago did our grandparents and great-grandparents get by on just a few assortments of garments, even less than what various amounts of shoes that sit in our closets today. Our grandparents were much more restricted financially, and what was to be readily available to them. Things today are much more affordable and with an ease of access there is an even bigger commitment to be conscientious about our own limits.

I reflect on the times that we have become so comfortable in the way things are and the cheaply fabricated things we take as quality to compromise we lose sight of its importance to us. It makes absolute sense that the direct effect of spending just a tad bit more on a particular item would ensure its place against the laws of time. It’s almost as if our grandparents are from an entirely different world, things were just simpler in those days. Today’s day and age, we are quick to jump on the first sign of tethered clothes, electronics, or that of week old broken toys from our children.

There’s only so much we can do to live happily fulfilling lives that does not revolve around stuff, we have to do something about it and if you find yourself in need of something entrust actively on the things that are of quality materials. Take the time in reviewing those items or buying those items locally while supporting your community.

Last, but certainly not least..

The last point I want to mention for obtaining a successful organized life is to make time for you. What do I mean by that, no it does not mean to run errand and cram some chores while you’re relaxing. I’m talking about taking some time out of your day for 15-30 mins to do something you truly enjoy, say for example I enjoy drinking my favorite tea while listening to soothing music outside on my front porch because it truly relieves me from the current mischief happening in my surroundings.
Furthermore its therapeutic in a sense to process and analyze the happenings from that day, all I’m saying is don’t have to blow yourself off give yourself a breather. You have to respect your time as much as you respect someone else’s. When you treat yourself as a priority, you are much more likely to get organized and of course, reduce your stress levels.

In this day and time, it really does capture a lot of intentionality to live slightly simpler. It means going against the current of today’s society consumer based  driven mentality in favor of an organized home, one that is free of overload of things and that allows us to breathe a little easier. I don’t know about you, but I think the promise of a clutter free life and home is positively worth the endeavor.

 Which of these steps do you believe is something you are struggling with? What do you think prevents you from getting organized? In essence, what part of your home or life you would like to get in order?
Be sure to let me know in the comments down below!


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