15 Beauty Uses For Coconut Oil & Why You Need It!

After doing all that, your face should look like a hot mess, I like to take this time and scare my boyfriend when he least expects it, priceless reaction! Gets him every time! Try it you'll be laughing for ages! ..Then what I do next is mix in enough of baking soda or on other days I use a gentle cleanserto exfoliate my skin, further cleansing removing any excess makeup I may have missed and rinse with lukewarm or cold water and gently pat dry. Your skin should feel amazingly soft and moisturized in half the time.

14. Intensive Hair Deep Conditioner, this is especially good for dry and intensively damaged hair. I don't know about you, but I love curling my hair which is almost everyday although I'm doing better and giving my hair time to heal and hairtherapy is no joke you guys. As someone who fails to get a routine hair cut, I usually do once a year and by my own hands might I add, I feel that using coconut oil as a deep conditioner has it perks ya'll. 

Usually on the 4th day of unwashed hair is when I commence my heartherapy, I add the coconut oil mixed with a carrier oil something like almond oil (smells incredible!) I like to apply it to the mid-shaft and ends of my hair, avoiding the roots because the damage is mostly in those lower areas. I go about my lazy day usually within 2 hours or more later I go ahead and wash my hair as usual using a clarifying shampoo once a week and on normal days using a targeted shampoo for dry hair and just style as normal.

13. Whitening Treatment, if you're like me and just love multi-purpose use for things, this is a keeper. I've started using coconut oil as a whitening treatment, by tradition this method is called "oil pulling". How it works is teeth are made out of all these teeny tiny microscopic tubules and alike structures when you brush the bristles just cleanses the surface, but if you really want to penetrate through all the small crevices and tube-like structures that's when oil pulling comes in. 
How do you use it? You just swish! Too easy right? well that's just it, it's a bit time consuming about 20 or 25 minutes give or take and all the toxins come out. You can tell they're clean by touching them with your tounge. Then after you're done swishing just rinse with salt water and TADA you're all done! Make sure to spit into your trash just to be safe. You'd be doing yourself a service preventing teeth and gum problems, all I'm saying is this stuff really works, at least for me, and I don't really mind how long it takes. It's a good alternative to whitening stripes and since you already have coconut oil, why NOT try it!?

12. Soothing Body Scrub, Ooh Laa Laa again this oil is simply amazing! I like to make a coffee and coconut oil scrub to wake me up in the mornings. This recipe is perfect for silky soft smooth skin removing all of the dead skin cells and tightening the skin leaving you with all around nourished skin. Mixing about half a cup of coconut oil along with 2 tablespoons of coffee grinds and you've got yourself an deliciously smelling exfoliating body scrub. You may adjust the ingredients to your liking of course I usually like to eyeball the measurements to fit my preferences. 

11. Moisturizing Lip Balm, If you're prone to chapping lips like I am then this coconut oil lip balm is perfect for you! How it works is by locking in moisture thus keeping your lips smooth and chap free! This is a great protective treatment for extreme weather changes, intense air conditioning, or like me, your lips are prone to chapping. As the winter months fade on its great to keep some coconut oil on the go in a small container so that no matter where you are this baby will come in handy.

10. Healing Cuticle Oil, the emollient (nourishing) nature of coconut oil means its great for ragged or dry cuticles and keeping the skin around your fingers and toes heavenly soft. Not only that, but coconut oil also is able to keep nails from becoming brittle and breaking thus helping them becoming strong. Being as moisturizing and anti-fungal as coconut is this may further protect nails from infections as well.

9. Soothe Burns & Cuts,  As a hair enthusiast on the daily I like to try new things with heat tools and the sorts and yes I get the realization of 'holy-crap-did-I-just-do-that!' burn in total disbelief on my fingers and my neck as well my ear.. Distraction while heat styling is a giant no-no.

 But thankfully coconut oil is definitely there to save the day soothing burns, cuts, and scrapes of all sorts. Not to mention rashes! I used coconut oil on my nephew the other day when I had no idea where the destine was and so with not a lot of time and two other rugrats running around I had to think quick and improvise, so before coconut oil baby, crying, after coconut oil baby, happy! So yes it worked instantaneously!

8. Eyebrow & Eyelash Enhancer, Your skin will drink up all of what coconut oil has to offer, and so will your brows and lashes! You may further enhance your lashes and eyebrows with other carrier oils like castor oil for example or avocado oil

Simply mix the two into a container and with disposable mascara wands apply your mixture every night before bed and within a few weeks you should notice a difference and for maintenance just apply once every couple days.

7. Coconut Oil as Shaving Oil, Shaving oil? Are you sure?! And the answer is Yes! You can definitely use coconut oil in place of a shaving cream. 

Since we've made an exfoliating body scrub which got rid of all the dead skin cells we can now go ahead and shave with coconut oil as well. The skin is further moisturized further reducing razor bumps and cuts using coconut oil in place of a shaving cream may help to heal your skin without clogging your pores. Which is wonderful a alternative than the traditional shaving cream. Ladies put the shaving cream down where I can see it and use coconut oil!

6. Hair Defrizzer, Well all know too well what havoc humidity can bring on one's hair, coconut oil is a natural water repellent and can stop frizz right in its tracks. I used to use a small amount of lotion whatever little bit was left in my hands onto my hair, but now that I've discovered coconut oil and does the exact same but better that's all I ever reach for now a days although I do like to alternate my products around just to get my hair not used to things and to spice things up a bit with my hair de-frizzer.

5. Body Moisturizer, To make the most observational suggestion is using coconut oil as a total body moisturizer I usually apply coconut oil all over immediately after a shower, of course drying off a bit just not totally dripping water everywhere, however the oil is better absorbed (totally reminds me of an inside joke I have with my cousin lol.) 

When the body is damp so to say, as the water is being absorbed so is the coconut oil which will leave you with incredibly soft silky skin just make sure its been completely soaked in before dressing or getting into bed I know how that one turned out for me Stickkyy haha! So give your skin enough time to really penetrate and moisturize your skin.

4. Natural Sunscreen, Summertime is beach time, or at least poolside time. So to protect your skin while you're out having fun in the sun just take along some coconut oil which helps protect your skin from UVB rays. Having an SPF of 10 which is okay it means that 90% of beneficial vitamin D creating UVB rays are blocked! You want to be able to soak up the sun, but not get sunburned and damage your beautiful skin, try some coconut oil next time.

3. Intensive Night Cream, Using coconut oil before bedtime may help in hydrating of dry or dehydrated skin. The fatty acids may help in strengthening the lipid barrier that will help to withhold moisture and thus creating hydration that will shrink your pores and smooth any wrinkles out, I'm sure your skin will be thanking you for it in the years to come. 

If you want to really feel fancy add some liquid vitamin E in with the coconut oil to further speed up the process and regain and maintain elasticity preventing rancidity and aids in prevention of scar tissues etc. You should be able to pair the two right before bed, things could get a bit messy and avoid using both during the day, coconut oil is fine when used alone.

2. Natural Toothpaste, Since we now know we can swish with coconut oil and its wonderful oral benefits why not take it a step further and create a remineralizing toothpaste? Yes, it can be done and its safe for children, babies, me, you etc and its fluoride free. I've made it using:
5 Tbs of Calcium Powder or Calcium Magnesium Powder 2 Tbs Baking Soda or Diatomaceous Earth (Contains trace minerals & Silica which is optional) 3 Tbs Xylitol Powder (Helps to cancel out the bitter taste, optional) 3-5 Tbs Coconut Oil, Essential Oils for flavoring, Peppermint, CinnamonOrangeMix these ingredients well together and don't forget to store in glass 1/2 pint jar and you're all done!

1. Natural Deodorant, Continuing on to our last and final tip is using a natural deodorant, I went a bit crazy when I first made this I was really excited!.. 
I made 3 tubes lol But hey they lasted a long time and so I'm here to share with you an alternative to commercial deodorants that do not contain aluminum that lead to breast cancer and Alzheimer's. Here is what you will be needing: 3 Tbs Coconut Oil 3 Tbs Baking Soda2 Tbs Shea Butter, 2 Tbs Arrowroot and Essential oils of your choice.Melt the Shea butter and the Coconut oil together in an glass jar in a sauce pan of water until melted. Then mix in the arrowroot and baking soda mix it well adding your essential oils together then pour mixture into glass container for storage there is no need to place the deo in the fridgeo lol

         And there you have it folks the most wonderful oil on the face of the earth and it is completely up to you to use it how ever you'd like, I hope these tips have inspired you to go out there and try new things, really healthy new things, and with a healthy lifestyle can make your life that more enjoyable. 

           You can definitely save some money at the end of the day and the best part of all you can keep remaking these things, you'll have extra! And they also make a great gift. I hope you've enjoyed this post please let us know in the comments down below what you think and if you've tried any of these tips and what you would recommend for others, don't forget to share this post with your friends and family! 


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