Lipstick Layering: Like A Pro!

There are so many lipsticks that we're all dying to try, but are a bit intimidated because we find
that certain shades are a bit over the top, for instance that of dark colors like blue or vampy purple. How can we make these shades more wearable for the everyday girl? Well, as it turns out you can make any color work for you, once you master the art of layering lipsticks together and as a wonderful plus, you can get double the impact of any color in your collection.

To really understand what it means to layer lipsticks you have to understand what colors go well together and why it works, whether you're just trying to find your new signature look or just wanting to find a way to wear the season's biggest trends without looking over the top, then read on ahead to find out how you can layer today's hottest trends like a pro!
Prep: Like all things, you have to start with a clean canvas. One of the very first things you need to consider is how to prep your lips because no one wants flaky lips! So you can prepare your own lip scrub,consisting of 1 part honey, 1 part coconut oil, and 1 part sugar or you can sure one of my favorites, . That way it ensures that all the dead skin cells are removed and you have a very clean slate to start with. 

Next, we should apply a primer, a primer ensures that your hard work will last all night and won't smear off within a couple of hours, a primer also helps smooth out our wrinkles or fine lines giving you a smooth finish. When you're combining different textures of lipsticks, you'd want to start with a matte formula, because this will do a better job of holding onto your lips than a creamy or glossy formula. For better results and a mess-free applications its best to apply your lipstick with a lip brush instead. 

Orange&Yellow: One of the hottest trends we're seeing all over right now is orange lipstick! Now many of you may find this hue a bit much to pull off, but rest assure that there is a not-so-over-the-top method to pull this look off. And the next best color is yellow, you'd want to pair these two together because they compliment each other so well and it somewhat plays down the neon hue, which is such a huge color for spring, that orange lipstick tends to give off, making this look a lot more wearable for us casual girls. You want to look for a yellow frosty lipstick for a more subtle luster. Softening the full blow of the orange a bit, here are some options that are similar below.

Nude&Orange: Now that we know that orange is a super smash hit for spring, it could get a bit ridiculous to be wearing a color so bold, but sometimes all you really need a sheer orange. Just take a sheer natural orange and pair it with a nude base. You want to use a nude that is more of a flesh tone, then layer that orange baby on top and you're done, now you have a killer peachy color that looks absolutely amazing! 

Lavender&Nude: And if you want to achieve a more pastel of a look, you can pair that nude with a really bright lilac color that will really pop! Which is perfect for springtime, the nude helps to calm the loud lavender color and yet create a subtle pastel color. Making any look that you pair it with a little bit happier, giving it a more cheerful look. 

Blue&Lavender: We all know that blue is a pretty difficult color to pull off, but the results are amazing, giving you a whiter smile at the same time doesn't hurt either! To make that transition a bit easier to get into, you'd want to pair the blue with a purple base first. Giving your lips more of a berry tone and you want to look for sheer colors from both as the whether starts to get warmer it helps to keep things fresh and light!

Orange&Blue: You probably wouldn't think of pairing these two together, but the results of pairing blue and orange give you look of caramelized look giving you a more sandy look, much more natural than wearing each individually. The blue will take the orange color into a more earth tone look perfect for an everyday gal, like myself! 

Red&Deep Purple: When we think of a deep purple we almost always imagine a vampy sexy look, however we often are intimidating by such a bold color that we often times push that aside, but layering this color with others helps to soften such an otherwise deep and dark impact. In order to get the "cool" effect we can pair this lusty color with red, which will inturn warm up the darkness and yet maintain the intensity that you're striving for. You want to add the purple down first then put the red on top of that to adjust the shade. 


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