What To Do When.. Your Favorite Beauty Product Runs Out!

When you start off your daily beauty ritual, there's no grander disappointment than that of a
favorite beauty product running out! As you make your way down to the last few drops and/or swipes you can't help the overwhelming anxiety of having to run out the door to buy that backup, ranging from various sizes not all beauty products are made exact, making it virtually impossible to simply squeeze every drop out, however there is something we can salvage from our not so empty, empties. 

We'll fill you in with the best tips and tricks we have to offer, saving you from buying and stocking up those backups and preserving what you have, making you precious beauty products last you that much longer.

 Lipsticks: When it comes down to your favorite lipstick it's safe to say that you're going to get down to every last swipe that you can salvage, but there's an easier way! Take all of your favorite lipsticks and melt it down into a palette like this one or a small container. Scoop that baby out with a metal spoon so that way you can  melt it over a candle and finally pour that into a container or palette of your choice, and your done! Now you can have all of your favorite lipsticks all in one place instead of having them roll around and trying to find that shade, now all at your fingertips. Making lipsticks even more fun to use!

Nail Polish: Its such a nuisance when we get down to the bottle of a nail polish and we come to find that it tends to thicken, the best thing to do at this point is to obviously thin it out a bit. 

Using a professional thinner, or if that's not available to you, you could also use a little bit of your nail polish remover, of course, use sparingly ladies! Now that you've added that up, gentle start to roll the nail polish back and forth between your hands, do not shake up and down (you don't want to create any air bubbles).

Lotions: They can be one of the hardest products out there to make sure you get every last drop out of. If you're dealing with a plastic bottle you can always remove the top of the bottle with some scissors leaving you with enough space to scoop out the remaining lotion with a spatula and pour it into a clean container or tupperware container.

Shampoos: Being that I always leave my conditioners and shampoos in the shower it's almost impossible NOT to get every ounce out because water is always getting in there and if you're like me and use this method then you're way ahead of us. As easy as it sounds, use the tiniest amount of water because the product will become a bit diluted. So this will take place during the last few uses. And of course if you have a plastic container cut it off! and seal with tape!

And there you have it folks! I hope you've enjoyed these wonderful tips and make sure to share tips and tricks with your friends and family, and if you have the time please leave a comment down below and share with us your tips and tricks for your favorite beauty product saves! 


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