Top 3 Summer Hair Masks Every Girl Should Try!

Summer has only just begun and your hair decides mid way through to get all dry-up-N-dull on ya and refuse to work with you!? All is not lost here, we have thee perfect cure for dry unmanageable tresses. Its the most perfect way to restore lost moisture and shine just without the extra cost of special hair care products or unnecessary chemicals, talk about savings! And your girl LOVES to glam it up with big curls, beach waves, and alike but ends that are totally split are not a good picture. All of this can be found right in your very own kitchen, how awesome is that! 
So let's get started

Although you may think that eggs and avocados do well on their own and should never be in the same bowl, think again! Avocados are ideal when it comes to hair dryness coating the hair and leaving it silky smooth letting your mane drink up all that moisture avocados have to offer. Eggs on the other hand, are super jammed packed with fat much needed protein to sooth and coat every strand, at the same time enriched with bacteria removing enzymes fighting against oils and a such. So why not combine these two impressive foods together
Here's what you'll need: 1 large egg (egg yokes and all) and 1 avocado. Whisk the egg as if you're making breakfast, just don't chicken out and eat it lol.. then mash up that avocado, finally mix them together.. and for a more added awesomeness you could go ahead and add 1TBS Honey for its much needed moisture-locking-split-end-sealing-ness..ness lol And 3TBS of your choice of oils be it GrapeseedCoconutAlmond.. you get it. Smooooth on over from ends to scalp, hmmm this may be up to you, but I like to let my masks work their magic goodness, say about 2-3 hours or if you'd like just sleep on it! Come sunrise you'll have some AH-mazing hair!

Just thinking about these two together makes me feel a bit more glamorous for some reason, but for us dry haired gals we want to indulge ourselves in this luxurious hair mask every week or two, it just feels right! (Brian Fantana's voice comes to mind ha).. This honey and milk infusion makes for a perfect cocktail and is exactly what your hair is looking for! We all know about the added benefits that honey has to offer, it attracts and helps lock in moisture, making hair glowing and lustrous, its also a hair lightener too very subtle though!
Let's get down and dirty with this heavenly weightless hair mask that won't weight your tresses down. Here's what you'll need: 1 C. of milk and 2 heaping spoonfuls of Manuka honey. You'll want to mix the two together until the honey has been completely mixed well into the milk, you'll know when they have blended. Next, work it into your hair carefully making sure every strand has been coated by this liquid gold. Leave it on for how ever long you'd like, the longer the bettea. Shampoo and condition as normally, voila! 

Go B-A-N-A-N-A-S
Other than thinking about how Gwen Stefani taught how to spell bananas, its no surprise that these little guys would come in handy to me. I've always have had at least one banana that goes bad on me and after all those lost, thrown away little fellas I finally put an end to it and found something useful to do with them, other than banana bread people! These bad boys are filled with yummy goodness that they are really truly the most conditioning and repairing piece of food I've EVER put on my locks, (which I am wearing RIGHT now, my inspiration for this post btw.) Here I give you this wonderful recipe.
What you'll need is: 1-2 bananas depending on your hair length, 1/2 c. - 1 c. of milk for its soothing properties, and 1-2 TBS of honey for taming the beast haha. Just go ahead mix these babies up, either in a blender or by hand, it don't matter. Allow for hair mask to do its thang for the next few hours, wash with your usual shampoo and condition as normally and take in the beauty of these hair masks!


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