10 Ways to Fake A SunKissed Glow!

While everyone may not have time to head to the beach this summer or lounge about their
terrace for some summer tanning, everyone can surely make their way down the makeup aisle for some fun self tanner ideas this summer! Safer than a tanning bed and easy on your wallet from gradual tanners to self tanning lotions and everything in between, here are some ideas to try out this summer and beyond!

Gradual Tanners
Jergen's Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer, this is probably the best gradual tanner if you're still new to the whole tanning world, a great introduction and subtle but natural glow. For fair skinned ladies you will notice a difference however, for us girls with a bit of color already this may not do it for you. A great budget friendly tanner and perfect for that all year round summer glow, without the orange fake bake of course. And with every gradual tanner you must keep at it everyday to prevent streaks, you can choose to use this right after each shower or before bed. Apply cautiously, exfoliate, apply and don't forget to blend for best result.

Another affordable beauty is, Moist "Hemp" Bronzing Moisturizer. You will be pleasantly surprised, with no lingering self tanning odor to worry about, again this is a gradual tanner so don't expect any over night miracles. However, this bad boy is packed full of hemp seed oil with some other beneficial ingredients, making it easier to use as an after beach moisturizer plus it'll last you all year long. A great buy in my eyes, if you think about it the more moisturized your skin is, deeper and richer your tan will be, the longer it'll last.

Australian Gold, while providing an instant bronzing effect this baby is able to work its magic while giving you a dazzling glow. Building your tan into a believable golden glow giving you instant gratification while letting the tanning ingredients take effect over time. Making it a two in one product, boosting your confidence almost immediately while saving you loads of money.

Self Tanners
Now this may not be able to qualify as a drugstore product, I do know that TanTowel Towelettes may be a bit pricier than a drugstore tanning lotion, but its within the same family, so I thought why not mention it. With its three in one abilities to exfoliate, tan, and moisturize its no wonder as to why its very popular. And for us girls with already a bit of color this is gold! Fair skinned ladies may want to keep a safe distance from this guy because it may leave a orangery hue on your skin tone. Again, its safe to say that with all self tanners, PAY ATTENTION where you place and work this product into because you don't want to end up looking like a zebra, right? Just take your time because this product is not as quick drying as others.

This is great for people with a decent tan already and fair skinned girls alike, Banana Boat Summer Color Sunless Tinted Lotion, its a better price point than most of drugstore tanners. Color develops in a few hours something that is perfect to use right before bed and wake up with a fabulous glow, you may have to apply more often for maintenance to achieve that tan just the way you like it. Available in a variety of different shades, drys very quickly making it pretty fool proof and perfect for just about anyone!  

 Alba Botanica Sunless Tanning, is a great and natural sunless tanner giving a medium to golden tan while being very hydrating. You can layer this lotion to add more depth and color to your tan, otherwise this is really quite natural and subtle if you're not big on the hunt for that super-deep-tan-like-you-just-came-back-from-the-Caribbeans. Just take the time to exfoliate properly other than that this is a all around solid product!

Now if you're not a huge fan of sunless tanning, but would defiantly be all for makeup that can lightly give you a sun-kissed bronze or glow, then just keep reading..

SunKissed Glow With Makeup
This is a staple for any tanning enthusiast or ones without the commitment, Rimmel London's Natural Bronzer in Sun Bronze. The reason why it doesn't blend so, for some of you, may be because it claims to be waterproof, so it's not a bad batch so to speak, just keep that in mind with purchasing this bronzer. Now, this is a bronzer that you'll be repurchasing over and over again because its that great and relatively cheap while looking natural. 

Let's not play down the added effects that a liquid bronzer or highlighter can do! Take Benefit High Beam and Benefit's Watt's Up Highligher, for instance, amazing color payoff making it super easy to apply, blend and extremely pigmented, but we couldn't just hand over $30 unless you're willing to spend that much, but for those of us who would like a more affordable alternative can relate to a very popular dupe which is that of Elf whipped Golden Peach for High Beam and Elf Whipped Lilac Petal for Watt's Up Highlighter. Making these two a buck each saving you $58!

Well there is one more way to add that gold shimmer into your life, besides just your face, you can use it in your nail polishes, hair oils, put it into your lotions as a body shimmer and what not. Its about being creative, you get to do whatever you want plus you'll have soo much all year round you can make gifts out of them too! its a pretty amazing investment if I say so myself, you can get it, Here

Its always nice to hear from you ladies, what would you recommend to the rest of the world out there and us girls? Its amazing what we can do to boost our confidences up if there are any products you've love or hated we would all love to know and all I ask is for you to be careful when trying new things out and always wear sunscreen! 


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