How To Get Voluminous, Sexy Hair Instantly!

Doesn't every girl want to wake up looking this fabulous?! Well with some effort and these
helpful guidelines we can all master that effortless "BAM, I woke up like this" voluminous hair! We usually rely on the products themselves to work their miracles, but its all in what you do with them that produces gorgeous, full locks that you've been lusting after. With these tips that I've been following for years, without fail, resulting in some serious hair

Here are just a few things that I do to achieve this look!

Head Start: Root to Tip
If you ever wonder why your hair seems to never hold its curl or style, chances are its probably from all the styling products you've used that have started to weigh your hair down. Thinking that a normal wash and rinse will do the trick, removing debris from your hair, think again. An Apple Cider Vinegar rinse is in order which will help give you a fresh new start, giving lift and volume in all the right places, this is so because the ACV is naturally balancing; conditioning, improving shine, and effective in killing germs! Not only that, but it comes in handy when trying to grow your hair out, if you missed my post about, 10 Weird Ways To Growing Out Your Hair Fast!, I mention ACV and its added benefits! This is very easy to set up, and no don't worry about the smell it goes away, be sure to make this clarifying solution once a week any more than that may harm your beautiful strands! 

Develop A Blow-Drying Technique
Or in this case, a nonexistent one, haha if you're anything like me, you'd know that I really don't have a technique to achieve that extra oomph that we so desire and it really doesn't take that much time at all, I've been blow drying my hair upside down for as long as I can remember, plus it saves you a ton of time if you're running out the door. However, if I'm feeling extra frisky I whip out that round brush and begin the ancient art of volumizing. Just how we curl our hair with heat and allow the curls to cool down to lock in the shape we can apply the same concept to blow drying our hair. Starting at the root begin to smooth out with a round brush, then blasting your hair with the cold setting to lock in that volume you've just created. I try to stay away from heat as much as possible so I try to blast my hair on cold at all possible times! 

To Use or Not To Use: Dry Shampoo
Now here is my secret weapon to achieving vavavoom hair! I use this almost everyday even on days when my hair is washed, its that great at doing what it does. Start off by sectioning the hair into one inch sections and apply short bursts making your way all the way through the hair, and leave in for about 1 minute or so. You could choose to brush it through with hairbrush or simply shake it out with your fingers, adding instant lift and volume to your roots. My absolute fave at the moment is Aveeno Pure Renewal

No Part Is One In The Same
As we all know, the parting of our hair in a new spot can give an instant lift forcing your strands in a direction they're not used to. This is great for third or fourth day hair, I try to space out the days I wash my hair, I don't want to stress my mane everyday with styling products and heat tools, but I shower everyday so I don't repulse people nor myself included I promise! 

And there you have it folks 4 easy steps that anyone can follow for high volume that can fit into anyone's schedule and knowhow, do you have any tips and tricks for voluminous hair? Leave a comment down below and be sure to share this with your peeps! 


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