Back to School Beauty Must Haves! Fashion, Makeup + More!

The new school year is right around the corner and no we are not looking forward to it! But if you're anything like me, you procrastinate well into the very last minute (including writing
this post lol) to check things off your must haves list for the season! I am a definite lover of sleep and any little bit I can squeeze in before I hit that snooze button for the millionth time that morning sleep, is all I want! Hence, there is a good chance that I may be late for school. Not to worry ladies I have some AH-mazing tips for the night before giving you those extra few blissful minutes of sleep, in case you missed it you can check it out here,  8 Ways To Wake Up Looking Gorgeous!  

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We've compiled the ultimate back to school beauty essentials, filled with amazing products that'll help you save during college. With all the added stress of first day impressions, moving into your new dorm, we'll dive right into it from beauty products, skincare basics, and more! Here are my Back To School Beauty Must Haves!

Oil Control! 
There's nothing more annoying than that of oil seeping through our makeup and you haven't even gone to gym class yet! To keep oil at bay try Neutrogena Oil Blotting Sheets or some translucent powder Rimmel Stay Matte Shine Control, they do the same thing its up to you which you prefer and what you have the time for! But its best to always com prepared ladies!

To Mist or Not?
This is great for setting your makeup in the morning once after you've applied your makeup and once more after you've powdered. One I've come to love is that of Nyx dewy or matte these two bad boys will serve you well through out your school year. And for added luminous, mix your liquid highlighter in with your foundation for an added illumination and help it set with your favorite setting spray.That way your hard work will last you all day!

Think Fresh

And like any girl on the go lugging around heaps of books going from class to class across campus opt for a small body spray to keep you feeling fresh. And there's nothing worse than forgetting your deo or body spray at home, far from any reach. B.O is not cute, stay away from sprays with a stronger scent the idea is to think fresh, be fresh and in this case, smell fresh! And just in case you totally daydream and manage to forget to bring some, simply squeeze a small amount of hand sanitizer into your palm and gently rub it through your underarms and wipe away clean.  

Maintain that Mane
For those unexpected days where you hair simply won't cooperate even though you've used every tactic, including chopping your hair off! Well to keep that from repeating over and over again, keep a small collection of bobby pins, elastics, serums, dry shampoo, and mini hairspray in your locker that way you have exactly what you'd need right at your disposal! Giving you more options rather than, its-a-beanie-kind-of-day!

My Go-To Skincare & Makeup!

While I've tried many drugstore and non-drugstore acne/blemish 30 day kits to rid of my skin imperfections, and as luck would have it, nothing seemed to work or in fact made it worse. That is, until I found JuiceBeauty! Finally, something that was natural to clear my skin! Though my skin is not completely cleared it has severely reduced the appearance of my acne and post acne marks. I have yet to make a full review because I want to give my skin and the kit time to let it do what it does best, and with that takes a bit of time. But as far as I've been using this kit I can say that I'm left very satisfied with my skin and that I can't wait to see the final results!

Which also goes hand and hand with my new makeup routine, feat. Dermablend Professional! I absolutely love this makeup though their products are considered as skincare rather than makeup. There are not enough good things that I can say about this brand, I'm amazed at how flawless my skin, underneath all of those spots and scars, can really look like and although it'll take some time for my skin and lifestyle to change and align together. They are truly my secret weapon for a more flawless look, If you have any questions, have tried them or would like me to do a full review, let me know down in the comments below!

I just adore the amazingly affordable pieces from Sheinside! They're chic and best of all the price tag won't ding your bank account! Here are some of my favorites pieces from Sheinside for this year's Back-To-School Fashion essentials. These pieces can be easily transitioned from fall into spring and well through out the seasons for many years to come, some pieces are just timeless and classic. Here are just a few of my favorites, but there are soo many more that I simply adore, except, they all can't fit into one post! 

See something you like? Just click on it!

And here we have some serious arm candy and surely too hard to ignore, so even if we don't go all out for the first day of school, with one of these babies at your side its sure to pull together any outfit you chose to wear! Ranging from many colors, shapes, and sizes, if you're looking for glitz and glam or something more simple and sophisticated T+JDesigns aim to please any and all types of needs! And they have so much more to offer, be sure to check them out and also their fabulous new arrivals and skirts!

See something you like? Just click on it!

And there you have it ladies! I am very pleased to with my skincare and makeup up regime, if you have any questions or concerns please let me know down in the comment section! And for some of you school has just begum and as for me I have a few days left to hold onto until then. Let me know your thoughts and be sure to share this post with  your friends and family. What Beauty or Fashions have caught your eye this year? Any favorite beauty tricks & tips you have up your sleeves? Leave them down in the comments!


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