How To Cover Anything Acne + Scars, Tattoos, Flawlessly!

There is no worst timing than that of blemish or acne, hyperpigmentaion, rosacea, scars, and even the
occasional tattoo you regret getting! Sometimes you end up feeling overwhelmed and frustrated believing that there's no way of concealing your skin even at its mildly best, let alone worst! Trust me I've been there, I couldn't even leave the house without some sort of makeup whether a BB cream or full on face. Its safe to say that my imperfect skin was my biggest insecurity. Throughout the years I began learning more about nutrition and how to properly cleanse and pamper your otherwise unmanageable skin, it was harder at first but once you take the first step to conquer this problem the rest will be easier to handle.

 And as of now I am left with acne scars and hyperpigmentaion, mostly around my cheek bone area & temples. Once you change your lifestyle you will truly see a difference in your skin and your overall health! If you like to check out How to get clear skin before we begin just to get an essence of what to look for when dealing with breakouts and spots. Now that you've read that article let's begin!

As always, in order to have flawless application you must prep your skin! You always want to start out with a freshly cleansed face, what I've been using for the past 2.5 months is the one and only, Juice Beauty 30 Days Organix to Clear Skin! This stuff is quite amazing and not only has it cleared my skin, but its lessen my breakouts to just a few than in comparison with older techniques and systems! I love the idea of using a system that is affordable and that will last you longer than 30 days which is such a steal in my opinion. Which comes with the Cleansing Gel, every few days I like to add in about a tsp of baking soda as my exfoliate, I leave it on for about 5-10 minutes, rinse off, and volia! Instantly baby soft skin. 

Next I go in with the Blemish Clearing Serum feels amazing on freshly cleansed face without clogging pores, lightening scars, while reducing blemishes. Then you finish it off with the Oil-Free Moisturizer, jam packed all sorts of goodies that your skin quenches for restoring your skin's natural moisture balance leaving you with a beautiful matte finish. There are also primers out there designed to fill in the scars that are otherwise visible when you apply your makeup, Loreal Magic Perfecting Base evening skin tone and texture along with E.L.F's Mineral Infused Face Primer I know it may be silly to mention especially at first, but Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel makes for a great primer and for a fraction of the cost of other higher end brands, But essentially do the same things we all want, a beautiful canvas ensuring for a flawless application. 

I can honestly, whole heartedly, say that I really cannot leave the house without using Dermablend's Cover Creme! Its truly that amazing and its not for the faint of heart, but they do have more low coverage to offer like Dermablend's Intense Powder Camo, which I happen to use as well  it gives you amazing coverage while still managing to feel light weight! Especially if used and applied correctly you will have the most flawless look, you'll just fall in love its THAT good. If you have major imperfections and are looking for something that is light weight, full coverage, long lasting, feels velvety soft, then this is your guy! However if you don't need full coverage and looking for something more light to medium coverage, try out Dermablend's Smooth Indulgence and their newest edition, Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation great alternatives to their otherwise higher coverage counterparts. I've used the cover creme as a foundation and as a concealer, I am in the Light category and the shade would be in Sand Beige, I favor more towards using the cover creme as a concealer because I have a few problem areas and use Maybelline's FIT Me Foundation 210 Desert Sand for the other areas that are relatively clear, then I like to finish it off with a setting powder I just use the powder that came with the kit. 

When you move on from your concealer onto your under eyes you want to be careful not to use too light of a color. Just enough to really bring light and brighten up the area without appearing ashy on your dark circles. I use Dermablend's Quick Fix Concealer in Beige its yellow peachy, perfect for those who are light to medium skin tones, I apply directly to the under eyes and blend with a brush or my finger this prevents it from looking cakey. I make sure to moisturize really well under that area so that when I apply the product it will effortlessly glide on smoothly. It feels light weight, creamy, a bit dry at the same time if that makes sense. I cannot leave the house without wearing this over my under eyes and some of minor, minor, spots while still managing to appear completely natural! You can also try these to highlight by, NYX Dark Circle Corrector Dermablend's Quick FIx IlluminatorMulti-purpose Concealer and Highligher or Maybelline's Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer this way it will also become brighter while concealing what needs to be hidden, lightly feather out your hard work. Then you'd want to go in with your favorite foundation, and finally set with powder to prevent it from moving around, as all creamy concealers tend to do. All of these products are long lasting up to 12 hours, smudge proof, & sweat proof!

Here's a video of just how incredible it is to watch Dermablend work their magic with Zombie Boy, you'll get why he's named that way in a second, someone with excessive tattoos to cover up is not an easy task to take on, (unfortunately, I do not have ANY tattoos so I am unable to review Dermanblend's Leg and Body Cover) here's his transformation! 

My overall experience with Dermablend has been a true transformation, I am completely satisfied with what I was have been using for the past 2 months, thank you so much to Dermablend for your patience for allowing me those two months to test out your products so that I may give an honest review and for providing me with your products, I give to you my most honest and sincere opinions for this and all other future reviews. 

*I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.*

As always I leave you with lots of love and hopeful you found this review insightful and that I have managed any questions you had, if not leave them down in the comments down below, make sure to follow and share with your friends and family! 


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