Apothecary Extracts 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil Review + GIVEAWAY!

Many of you have been curious on my IG about what keeps my skin free and clear from terrible
breakouts, I cannot rave enough about Melaleuca Oil, which is also know as Tea Tree Oil! This has been a part of my skincare regime for the last two years! It has so many great properties and its so versatile, tackling event the most terrible dermatological conditions such as acne (obvious reason why I use it) dandruff, lice, and any other skin infections. Its amazing what this natural oil can accomplish with its antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties, you can say bye bye acne and hello gorgeous skin! 

What Makes Apothecary  Extracts Tea Tree Oil Different?

Tea tree oil has been around for quite some time from the Aboriginal people, to military usage in World War 11. What surprises me most is realizing the fact that tea tree oils, any essential oils really, are not regulated. By this fact Apothecary Extracts Australian Tea Tree Oil's test their potency and purity to ensure the best quality possible. With a distinct smell (I personally love) I find that most people either love it or hate it but there are so many beneficially uses. 

Thankfully, my boyfriend doesn't mind the smell and actually uses it for his skin as well, mind you this is a "Pharmaceutical Grade as established by the Australian Tea Tree Oil Industry Association." It is 100% pure and contains no fillers, additives, bases, nor carrier oils to bulk this product up, are you starting to see why I am totally head over heels for Apothecary Extracts?

What Can I Use Apothecary Extracts
Tea Tree Oil For?

While I hadn't always used this particular brand, I have used tea tree oil for a while now, which is quite pricey considering I bought 1 fl oz at a time! This is essentially a really great deal for 4 fl oz. which will last you for a very long time! And I can say that it has made the biggest difference on my journey to clear skin! Whenever I feel a pimple coming I cleanse my face as usual either tone my skin with straight tea tree oil or by making a mask with it, I do use full strength when I apply this to my skin. Though you can choose to dilute it by adding a bit of water. You don't have to wash this off, unless you incorporate this in with other DIY masks and facials. When purchased, you will also receive a free e-book, filled with 50+ Uses for Health and Home.  

Like I said this is great for skincare and also great to include in your first aid, one of my favorite uses with tea tree oil is for bug bites! Yes, whenever I use tea tree oil I always think of camping, maybe because its totally appropriate to bring along and completely drench yourself in it, while others cannot stand the smell, I like to believe that mosquitoes think alike and won't bother themselves for someone who makes their eyes sting too. You can also use this in your home and in your natural cleaners/disinfectants, for floors and counter tops. Putting just a few drops into your children's shampoos and conditioners will help repeal lice during the school year and effectively killing the louse ridding you of the entire problem. 

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