8 Simple Ways To Wake Up, Looking Gorgeous!

While Sleeping Beauty had the right idea and a heck of a good deal for sleeping 100 years and waking up looking oh so fabulous, like neither an aging day passed her by during her slumber. However for us girls living in the 21st century there is still hope for us mere mortals to achieve ultimate chicness, while everyone else is busy dreaming away in sleep, you'll be tackling the best of both worlds in just half the time! 

With a bit of willingness and a small amount of effort we can take our beauty routines to a whole new level, Read away to find out what your new bedtime routine, featuring soothing skin, luminous eyes, perfect waves, and more. All these tips will ensure you wake up looking amazing, meanwhile at the same time all the magic happens while you slumber, giving a whole new meaning to the term , beauty rest. These are just some of my favorite ways to prep before a good nights rest without doing much or even anything at all come sunrise..

Beautify: If you're a busy, multi-tasking gal like us, you know how hard it is to find the time to keep your hands and feet looking smooth, pretty, and hangnail-free when you can barely find the time to clean your apartment. For a pampering overnight treatment, apply Vaseline or this Organic foot balm to the soles of your feet and put on socks before you sleep. This way the socks help bind the moisture to your feet and you'll wake up to soft, smooth soles. 

To prevent those annoying hangnails, simply hydrate cuticles overnight with coconut oil to both fingers and toes rubbing the excess onto the rest of your skin. To allow the oil to better absorb its best to first exfoliate or the ole fashion way, an all natural scrub consisting of honey,  sugar, and a little bit of water scrubbing the dead skin cells away and to take that a step further, wearing cotton gloves also gives the same effect the same effect that wearing socks gives to our soles can also be given to our hands, try this hand cream. Now all you need is a pair of strappy heels, cute jewelry, and the perfect nail polish to show off the "hard" work..

Primp: If you want to wake up with already luscious locks, the first step is to make sure that your strands are in peak condition. Maximizing on those eight hours to repair your hair with a fortifying mask is pretty dang convenient. To wake up with perfect waves, simply shower at night and style your mane before bed. 

Allowing your locks to air dry until they're damp, and run some light styling creme through with your fingers. Depending of course on your hair type and what kind of waves you prefer, you can either sleep in braids or twist the hair into buns. 

Don't be afraid to experiment. Upon waking the day after, all you'll have to do is rinse to get silky strands and air-dry or give yourself a quick blowout — no need to spend time with a flat iron when your hair is all shiny and moisturized! The next night, protect your sleek blowout by applying a small amount of serum to dry hair and cover your mane loosely with a silk scarf to prevent any frizz or tangles from forming while you toss and turn. Also key to prevent your hair from fuzzing out while you sleep: getting your chill on. As much as you may love feeling cozy at bedtime, sweat can cause small curls to form around your hairline, so keep that in mind when sleeping with a blowout.
Moisturize: Feeling overdue for a facial? There's no need to pay a ton of money for a professional treatment, or to spend a ton of time scrubbing and rinsing skin over the sink. 

Simply put start out with a clean slate: wash off all the dirt, natural oils, and makeup with a gentle cleanser. Next exfoliate the skin , choose the best fit to suit your skin type and avoid causing irritation and dryness especially during the winter months. 
Then to the ladies with dry skin, like myself, you may want to take note: Having a humidifier on just might change your skins life for the better. Turning one on before you sleep, especially during the cold winter months when the air is drier than usual, definitely works the magic it has to offer. Instilling the air with the much needed moisture that is missing in the air, reliving you from a parched dry throat other wise trapped in heat would cause, results in a more hydrated and plump look to your skin, all done while you sleep. 

Wrinkle Prevention: Did you know that the type of pillow you sleep on can affect the way that your skin looks in the morning? I was at fault here too, I came to find this out a few months ago, and I'll never go back to another type ever again. To wake up with "Sleeping Beauty" worthy skin, you'll want to swap out your cotton pillowcase for one made of silk/satin, which will prevent lines and those weird sleep creases, it will lessen the pressure on your skin and help prevent hair breakage. 

Talk about a two for one here! If you really want to go all-out with the princess treatment, something I like to call "beauty pillows" that are not only made of satin, but are also U-shaped to keep your pretty face perfectly elevated all night. But whichever pillow or sleep position you choose, it's still unanimous: if you want to wake up looking pretty, you're going to need to put in your hours 7-9 hours, so no cheating! 

Whiten Teeth: For an easy DIY whitening treatment, try brushing with baking soda onto your pearly whites right before bed. Leave the mixture on for 5-6 minutes and make sure that you rinse thoroughly afterwards. 

This is perfect for the evenings as a beauty treatment because in the waking hours, you would normally have to wait about 50 minutes before eating or drinking anything afterwards. Just be sure that you are only doing this treatment once a week because anymore you may allow the acid in the baking soda to break down your tooth enamel.

Brighten:Just think of how awesome it would be to naturally wake up looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and not a dark circle in sight! 

To prevent unsightly puffiness and darkness around the eyes, applying an eye cream before bed to help encourage circulation around the eye area. Bonus points if you do a nice, mini massage to work the cream in before hitting the hay — it will get the blood flow going and help drain the excess fluid and flush out toxins that other wise would be there in the morning not bad for a few little adjustments, who knew.
It's best to apply any face products that have brightening ingredients like retinol and vitamin C in them during the night. Sunlight can actually aid in deactivating them and prevent them from working to their fullest potential which is something we definitely don't want to let waste we want to help our skin stay well hydrated and nourished with all the right ingredients so that well beyond our years from now we may be able to feel and look just as fab as you do now. 

Lengthen Lashes: Give your fluttery fringe some TLC with this amazing DIY lash lengthening treatment. The secret ingredients? Castor Oil, Coconut Oil and Avocado Oil. These natural ingredients are rich in super hydrating omega 6 fatty acids, which help moisturize your lashes and prevent breakage. By using a clean spoolie after every use to prevent bacteria from forming, gently brush the concoction through your lashes each night. In the morning, just rinse with warm water using a gentle cleanser your face as usual. You should notice healthier, longer, darker lashes in just a few short weeks. 
Repair: To help repair our tresses from daily styling and heat styling, smooth a leave-in conditioner into your locks before you snooze to wake up to shiny, soft,strands. 

Apply it during the evening giving the treatment more time to deeply penetrate into your hair cuticles for optimum moisture, you allow the hair about 7-9 hours to be absorbed and when you awaken you have not but silky softness running through your fingers making it irresistible to the touch. This helps in repairing the split ends allowing them to start mending and helping them heal, but if you like creating your own the fusion of oils what I recommend are Coconut oil and Almond oil now these two know how to mend split ends, and keep you smelling ohh so delicious! 

Well there you have it ladies, I hope you ladies enjoyed these tips and are hopefully inspired to try something new before you hit the hay tonight, what other beauty routines do you do and would recommend to a friend? Please let us know in the comments down below! Don't forget to share your newly found knowledge with your friends and family!


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