How To Get Clear & Smooth Skin, Fast!

It seems that everyone has battled his or her way to clear and healthy skin, more and more of us have yet to triumph over our breakouts and for some of us even enduring well beyond our
teenage years and well into our twenties and thirties. I myself have battled with problem skin for some time now and I hadn’t really figured out WHY my skin was turning against me, so I thought, but during the past year or so I began to understand the WHY I had always wondered about, but never really looked too much into it. I was totally focused on the outer appearance of what was going on with my skin that I paid little attention to what the root of the cause was.
You see, the human body is extremely clever and has an amazing way of telling you,”HEY, there is something wrong here!” via acne. Now, think of your face as a map, within all these areas there has been evidence to prove that the recent breakout you are having correlates to a specific organ and/or bodily function(s).
This idea of face mapping originated from Chinese medicine which has been used for thousands of years to diagnose all kinds of diseases this is because the skin is so sensitive and can easily reflect internal changes faster than any other parts of the body. Let’s learn how to use this ancient practice to uncover clues about our health. For instance on the image provided below will show you exactly what I mean:

Take a good look; do you see your problem areas beginning to make sense now? The reason why your topical use of facial cleansers, gels, and any number of things you maybe trying at the moment are a big fail and find that not only is the product not working you may even be experiencing more breakouts. Is because you must determine WHAT is causing the problem, begin at the very root of the source, acquiring prevention and not just treatment is the triumph you seek in your journey to getting clear skin.

The Forehead
            The forehead is connected to the digestive system if you’re seeing some spots here this can be caused due to poor digestion and dehydration. You are experiencing build up toxins, water makes a big difference here and aids in flushing out those toxins. However bad temper, stress, lack of sleep, and hair products may also be a cause for spots.

Word of Advice: Reduce the intake of processed food, or junk food. Reduce the  amount of fat in your diet., eat healthy and drink plenty of water, tea is okay, minimize your intake of caffeinated related drinks. 

Between the Brows and Temples

            Between the brows and temples is the area coupled to the heart and gallbladder. You may be experiencing some issues here. If you smoke, drink alcohol, and eat greasy food, consume dairy, also if you have food allergies this is the area where it will show up first. So take a good look at your ingredients.

Word of Advice: Avoid alcohol, smoking, greasy food and dairy. Go to bed early, I know it’s hard at first, but even if you can’t fall asleep it will relax the liver. Do some sort of light exercise for 30 mins or so.

The Eyes

            The eyes are very important like the saying goes, “The eyes are the window to the Soul,” as well as the window to our health. If there is any yellowing of the iris and/or the white part of the eye, sclera, this is an indication of issues from the liver, gall bladder, and bile ducts and/or a build up of old red blood cells that the liver cannot process.

Word of Advice:  See a doctor if problem persists; he or she may be able to take a closer look at your eyes and may be able to detect an underlying disease due to no symptoms or see if there is any explanation for their color. Drink plenty of water as any dark circles around the eyes indicates dehydration.

The Nose

            The nose is also connected to the heart. Swollen noses may be linked to high blood pressure. Constipation, poor diet, indigestion, and bloating. An especially red nose or a line through the nose both signifies that you could have heart issues. Also check for expiry dates on your makeup or if it is skin clogging.

Word of Advice: Decrease the intake of spicy or overpowering food. Eat less meat and get more fresh air! Replace bad fats with good fats; nuts avocados, fish, and flax seeds are good essential fats.

The Cheeks
            The cheeks are linked to the respiratory system. Smoking and Allergies are the cause of the problem here, but if you do neither the problem may be over eating, liver problems, dirty pillow cases, dirty phone cases, stomach problems, stress, and dirty makeup brushes may be irritating your skin.

Word of Advice: Cut down on sugar, meat, dairy, caffeine consume more water based (alkalizing) foods like cucumber, lettuce, zucchini, radishes, celery etc. This will prevent your body from becoming acidic and prevent other diseases and illnesses from arising. Do not forget to change your sheets and pillowcases regularly, best if every 3 days, (I like my fruits and veggies juiced, maybe you would too!)

The Ears

            The ears are connected to the kidneys and if you are experiencing breakouts around these areas will cause further dehydration.

Word of Advice: Make sure to drink plenty of water, I cannot stress this enough, our bodies are made of water, not pop, alcohol, coffee or concentrate juices, so drink up!

The Lip Area

            The lip area is associated to hormonal fluctuations, stomach, and reproductive organs. Constipation, toothpaste, irregular bowels or too much spicy food is a cause of this.

Word of Advice: Increase your intake of more fiber to relieve constipation, spicy food can cause irregular bowels so take precautions when eating spicy foods. Consume more fruits and vegetables

The Chin Area

            The chin area is related to the stomach, kidney imbalance, hormonal imbalances (stress), and small intestines. And though stress and hormonal changes are inevitable, you may be able to decrease their effects by:  

Word of Advice: Make sure to get adequate sleep, drink enough water, do some moderate exercise, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, also try not to eat 2 hours prior to sleeping. Reduce the toxin overload and drink herbal teas.
Note: breakouts in this area indicates whether you are ovulating and on which side!

The Neck and Chest Area

            Breakouts in the neck and chest region either caused by stress or is an indication that your body is fighting a bacteria to avoid illness.

Word of Advice: Take a break, let your mind, body, and soul relax. Consume almonds, tuna, and asparagus, which have stress relieving properties. Take a yoga class, take a nap, and simply take the time to breathe deeply, to process, and relax. Exercise helps a lot in relieving stress and worry. Things usually work the way they are meant to be.

So the next time you spot a breakout or notice dark circles, remember that your body is doing amazing things to communicate with you, now do not leave it up to chance with all medical issues it is best suited for you to see your doctor for a proper prognosis.

Remember to take care of yourself and don’t get out of hand your body can only take so much. Let me know in the comments down below if these tips have helped you out. What was your favorite? Moreover, what problems have you been suffering with that you now know can be made better?


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