The Best Drugstore Must Have, Highlighters!

This summer fabulous makeup trend is all about highlighting aka Strobing! Having a great highlighter can definitely turn up the glow factor in your complexion. If used properly, highlighting can give you a natural glow, almost like you're glowing from within. When you're skin is lacking in the pretty glow department, just with a few strokes of these bad boys on your cheekbones, brow bone, and/or the inner corners of your eyes, can make all the difference! Here are the best illuminators and highlighters right from the drugstore at unbeatable prices!

There are so many uses for illuminators and highlighters that can double for eye shadows, make lips appear poutier, can be applied to the legs, chest, shoulders, and body etc! There are countless ways to use highlighters this summer, so ditch the heavy contour and make strobing your new go to make up look! Check out these praise worthy beauties down below!

Do you use any illumintors or highlighters worth the hype? What are your current favorites? Don't forget to share this post with your friends, comment down below what your favorite go to highlighters are!


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